The Best 7 Dating Devotionals for Nurturing Spiritual Connections

by Hyacinth

In the quest for lasting love and meaningful relationships, many individuals seek guidance beyond conventional dating advice. They turn to sources that delve deeper into the spiritual and emotional aspects of intimacy. Dating devotionals serve as invaluable resources for couples, offering insights, wisdom, and practical exercises to strengthen their bond with each other and with a higher power. In this article, we explore some of the best dating devotionals available, each designed to foster spiritual connections and enhance relationship dynamics.

1. The Love Dare by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick

Originating from the bestselling book “The Love Dare,” this devotional provides a 40-day journey aimed at revitalizing marriages. However, its principles are equally applicable to dating relationships. Through daily readings and challenges, couples learn to prioritize selflessness, kindness, and forgiveness, essential qualities for fostering a healthy and enduring partnership. “The Love Dare” emphasizes the importance of sacrificial love, encouraging couples to invest in each other’s growth and well-being.

2. Devotions for Dating Couples: Building a Foundation for Spiritual Intimacy by Ben Young and Samuel Adams

For couples seeking to deepen their spiritual connection while dating, “Devotions for Dating Couples” offers a structured approach. This devotional guides partners through 52 weekly devotions, addressing topics such as communication, conflict resolution, and prayer. By engaging in shared reflections and discussions, couples develop a solid foundation rooted in faith, enabling them to navigate challenges and celebrate milestones together. “Devotions for Dating Couples” emphasizes the significance of spiritual intimacy as the cornerstone of a fulfilling relationship.

3. The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional by Gary Chapman

Renowned relationship counselor Gary Chapman explores the concept of love languages in this devotional, adapted from his bestselling book series. Each daily reading focuses on understanding and expressing love in ways that resonate with both partners. By identifying and speaking each other’s love language, couples cultivate deeper emotional connections and mutual appreciation. “The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional” offers practical exercises and insights to help couples foster intimacy and build a love that endures.

4. Moments Together for Couples: 365 Daily Devotions for Drawing Near to God & One Another by Dennis Rainey and Barbara Rainey

Designed for couples at any stage of their relationship, “Moments Together for Couples” provides a year-long journey toward spiritual and relational growth. With daily readings and discussion prompts, couples engage in meaningful conversations about faith, love, and purpose. By prioritizing intentional time together, partners deepen their bond with each other and with God. “Moments Together for Couples” encourages couples to nurture their relationship as they journey together through life’s joys and challenges.

5. Night Light: A Devotional for Couples by James C. Dobson and Shirley Dobson

In “Night Light,” James and Shirley Dobson offer couples a nightly ritual of reflection and connection. Each devotional includes a Scripture passage, a brief commentary, and a prayer, providing couples with a moment of spiritual intimacy before ending their day. By sharing these moments together, partners cultivate a sense of unity and purpose, strengthening their commitment to each other and to their faith. “Night Light” serves as a beacon of hope and guidance for couples seeking to prioritize their relationship amid life’s busyness.

6. The 5 Love Languages® for Men: Tools for Making a Good Relationship Great by Gary Chapman

While primarily targeted at men, “The 5 Love Languages® for Men” offers valuable insights for couples of all genders. Based on Chapman’s renowned love languages framework, this devotional equips men with practical tools for expressing love and understanding their partner’s needs. Through personal anecdotes, exercises, and reflection questions, men learn how to nurture their relationships and become more attentive and responsive partners. “The 5 Love Languages® for Men” empowers individuals to cultivate deeper connections and create lasting happiness in their relationships.

7. Night Light for Couples: A Devotional for Couples by Dr. James Dobson and Shirley Dobson

Building on the success of “Night Light,” this devotional provides couples with a year’s worth of nightly readings and prayers. Dr. James Dobson and Shirley Dobson offer biblical wisdom and practical advice to help couples navigate the complexities of marriage. Each devotional encourages couples to prioritize their relationship and seek God’s guidance in their journey together. “Night Light for Couples” serves as a comforting companion for couples seeking to strengthen their bond and deepen their faith.


Dating devotionals offer couples a unique opportunity to nurture their spiritual connection while building a strong foundation for their relationship. From exploring love languages to prioritizing intentional time together, these resources provide practical guidance and encouragement for couples at any stage of their journey. By investing in their spiritual growth and mutual understanding, couples can cultivate intimacy, strengthen their bond, and embark on a fulfilling relationship grounded in faith and love.


1. What are the best devotional topics for couples?

The best devotional topics for couples often revolve around fostering spiritual intimacy, communication, and mutual growth. Some topics include:

Gratitude and appreciation for each other and blessings in life.

Building a strong foundation on shared values and faith.

Praying together for guidance, strength, and unity.

Studying scriptures or religious texts to gain insight and wisdom for your relationship.

Reflecting on challenges and seeking spiritual solutions together.

Exploring ways to serve others as a couple, embodying your faith in action.

2. How to do a devotional with your boyfriend?

To engage in a devotional with your boyfriend, start by openly discussing your spiritual beliefs and interests. Find common ground in your faith journey and decide on a format that works for both of you, whether it’s reading scriptures, discussing spiritual topics, or praying together. Set a regular time and place for your devotional, ensuring it fits into both of your schedules. During the devotional, actively listen to each other’s thoughts and reflections, allowing for meaningful discussion and connection. Keep the atmosphere positive and encouraging, focusing on mutual growth and support in your faith.

3. How do you start a couple devotional?

Starting a couple devotional begins with open communication and mutual interest. Begin by expressing your desire to grow spiritually together and discussing how a devotional practice could benefit your relationship. Explore various devotional resources such as books, online guides, or religious leaders’ teachings to find materials that resonate with both of you. Decide on a frequency and duration for your devotional sessions, considering your schedules and commitments. Choose a comfortable and distraction-free environment where you can focus on your spiritual connection. Begin your devotional with a prayer or reflection, then proceed with the chosen material, allowing space for discussion, reflection, and mutual encouragement. Flexibility and consistency are key to establishing a meaningful couple devotional routine.

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