A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Devotionals for Couples

by Hyacinth

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, maintaining a strong and healthy relationship requires intentional effort and commitment. One powerful way for couples to connect on a deeper level and nurture their spiritual bond is through the practice of daily devotionals. These structured moments of reflection and prayer can not only deepen one’s personal connection with a higher power but also serve as a foundation for building a lasting and meaningful partnership. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the best devotionals for couples, offering insight into their unique features, benefits, and how they can contribute to the growth of a loving and resilient relationship.

Understanding the Purpose of Couples Devotionals

Before delving into specific recommendations, it’s essential to grasp the purpose of couples devotionals. These intentional moments of shared spiritual reflection serve multiple purposes, including fostering communication, deepening emotional intimacy, and providing a platform for couples to align their values and goals. Devotionals often incorporate scripture, prayers, and thoughtful reflections, creating a space for couples to connect with their faith and with each other on a profound level.

The 5 Love Languages: Devotional Edition

Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages” has long been a staple in relationship literature, helping couples understand and communicate their love in ways that resonate with their partner. The “Devotional Edition” takes this concept a step further by incorporating daily readings, prayers, and activities designed to reinforce each partner’s love language. This devotional is an excellent choice for couples seeking to understand and meet each other’s emotional needs.

Couple’s Devotional Bible: NIV

For couples who want to intertwine their spiritual journey with scripture, the “Couple’s Devotional Bible: NIV” is a remarkable resource. This devotional incorporates daily readings from the New International Version of the Bible, along with reflections and questions to prompt meaningful discussions. Its structured approach to incorporating scripture into daily life can deepen a couple’s connection not only with each other but also with their faith.

Love Dare: Devotions for Couples

Based on the popular book “The Love Dare” by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, this devotional takes couples through a 40-day journey of love and commitment. Each day presents a new challenge or reflection, encouraging couples to actively practice love in various aspects of their relationship. Whether newlyweds or celebrating decades together, “Love Dare: Devotions for Couples” provides a practical and engaging way for couples to invest in their love for one another.

Night Light: A Devotional for Couples

James C. Dobson, a renowned family expert, offers a compelling devotional experience for couples in “Night Light.” With a focus on building spiritual intimacy, this devotional provides daily readings and reflections on topics such as communication, forgiveness, and trust. “Night Light” serves as a guide for couples navigating the complexities of married life while deepening their connection to each other and their shared faith.

Devotions for a Sacred Marriage

Gary L. Thomas, acclaimed author of “Sacred Marriage,” extends his wisdom to couples through “Devotions for a Sacred Marriage.” This devotional explores the spiritual aspects of marriage, offering daily readings that challenge and inspire couples to view their relationship through a sacred lens. With a focus on personal growth within the marriage, Thomas provides practical insights for couples seeking a deeper and more spiritually fulfilling connection.

The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional

Another gem from Gary Chapman, “The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional,” offers couples a quick and impactful daily devotion. Each reading is designed to take just a few minutes, making it an ideal choice for busy couples. By focusing on specific aspects of the love languages, this devotional provides practical insights that can be applied throughout the day, fostering a continuous connection between partners.

Husband After God: Drawing Closer to God and Each Other

For couples seeking a devotional that addresses the unique roles and responsibilities within a marriage, “Husband After God” is a compelling choice. This devotional, written by Aaron Smith, guides husbands through 30 days of reflections on biblical principles, encouraging them to embrace their God-given role in the marriage. With a focus on spiritual leadership, “Husband After God” fosters personal growth and enhances the spiritual connection between husbands and wives.

Wife After God: Drawing Closer to God and Your Husband

In companion to “Husband After God,” “Wife After God” by Jennifer Smith offers a similar 30-day journey for wives. This devotional focuses on the biblical role of wives and provides daily readings, prayers, and reflections to strengthen their spiritual connection with God and their husbands. By exploring themes of love, respect, and partnership, “Wife After God” contributes to the growth of a thriving and God-centered marriage.

Choosing the Right Devotional for Your Relationship

With a myriad of options available, selecting the right devotional for your relationship requires thoughtful consideration. Consider the following factors when making your choice:

1. Spiritual Background:

Choose a devotional that aligns with both partners’ spiritual beliefs and practices.

2. Format and Structure:

Some devotionals are structured as daily readings, while others may have weekly or monthly themes. Choose a format that fits your schedule and preferences.

3. Topics of Interest:

Look for devotionals that address specific topics relevant to your relationship, such as communication, forgiveness, or intimacy.

4. Engagement Level:

Consider the depth of engagement each partner desires. Some devotionals incorporate interactive elements, while others may focus more on individual reflection.

5. Time Commitment:

Be realistic about the time you can commit to daily devotionals. Choose a resource that aligns with your schedule to ensure consistency.


In conclusion, the practice of daily devotionals offers couples a meaningful and intentional way to nurture their love and strengthen their spiritual connection. Whether you’re newlyweds embarking on a lifelong journey together or seasoned partners seeking to revitalize your relationship, the right devotional can be a powerful tool for growth and intimacy. By incorporating these recommended devotionals into your daily routine, you and your partner can embark on a journey of shared spiritual exploration, fostering a love that is deep, resilient, and grounded in faith.

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