The Best Thanksgiving Devotionals For You

by Hyacinth

Thanksgiving, a time-honored tradition, is not only a celebration of harvest and abundance but also an opportunity for reflection and gratitude. As we gather with family and friends to express thanks, incorporating Thanksgiving devotionals into our spiritual practices can deepen our understanding of gratitude and foster a sense of connection with the divine. In this article, we explore some of the best Thanksgiving devotionals that offer insight, inspiration, and guidance for a more meaningful and spiritually enriched holiday season.

1. “100 Days of Thanks” by Thomas Nelson

Kickstarting our journey into the realm of Thanksgiving devotionals is “100 Days of Thanks” by Thomas Nelson. This devotional takes readers on a transformative 100-day gratitude journey, providing daily reflections, scriptures, and prayers. Each entry encourages introspection and offers practical ways to cultivate gratitude in our daily lives. With its structured approach, this devotional is a perfect companion for those seeking a long-term commitment to gratitude.

2. “Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember” by Billy Graham

Renowned evangelist Billy Graham shares his wisdom in “Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember.” This devotional delves into the historical and spiritual significance of Thanksgiving, intertwining stories of the Pilgrims with biblical teachings on gratitude. Graham’s eloquent prose and timeless insights make this devotional a classic choice for those seeking a deeper understanding of the spiritual roots of Thanksgiving.

3. “Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal” by Tyndale House Publishers

For those who find solace in creativity, “Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal” by Tyndale House Publishers offers a unique blend of devotion and artistic expression. This devotional includes beautifully designed coloring pages alongside prayers, prompts, and verses centered around gratitude. Engaging both the mind and the hands, this journal provides a meditative and creative approach to expressing thanks.

4. “The One Year Book of Gratitude” by Neil T. Anderson and Mary T. Anderson

“The One Year Book of Gratitude” by Neil T. Anderson and Mary T. Anderson is a daily devotional designed to guide readers through a year-long journey of cultivating gratitude. Drawing on biblical principles, the authors explore the transformative power of gratitude in various aspects of life. With insightful reflections and practical applications, this devotional serves as a comprehensive resource for those committed to making gratitude a daily practice.

5. “Everyday Thanksgiving” by Katie Orr

Katie Orr’s “Everyday Thanksgiving” offers a fresh perspective on incorporating gratitude into our daily routines. This devotional focuses on the ordinary moments of life, encouraging readers to find reasons for thanksgiving in the midst of the mundane. With a down-to-earth approach and relatable anecdotes, Orr’s devotional is ideal for individuals seeking a practical and realistic guide to living a life of gratitude.

6. “Grateful: A Devotional on the Grace of Giving” by Diana Butler Bass

Diana Butler Bass, an acclaimed author and theologian, explores the intersection of gratitude and generosity in “Grateful: A Devotional on the Grace of Giving.” This devotional invites readers to reflect on the connection between gratitude and giving, emphasizing the transformative power of a generous spirit. With a focus on social and spiritual implications, Bass offers a thought-provoking exploration of gratitude as a catalyst for positive change.

7. “Thanksgiving: A Time to Tell God You’re Grateful” by Rick Warren

Rick Warren, known for his bestselling book “The Purpose Driven Life,” brings his wisdom to the Thanksgiving season in “Thanksgiving: A Time to Tell God You’re Grateful.” This devotional combines biblical teachings with personal reflections, guiding readers through a journey of expressing gratitude to God. Warren’s accessible writing style and heartfelt messages make this devotional suitable for individuals at various stages of their spiritual journey.

8. “A Thankful Heart Is a Happy Heart” by Harvest House Publishers

“A Thankful Heart Is a Happy Heart” by Harvest House Publishers is a visually appealing devotional that combines uplifting messages with vibrant illustrations. This devotional invites readers to explore the joy that comes from a thankful heart through daily readings, prayers, and space for personal reflection. With its delightful aesthetic and inspirational content, this devotional is well-suited for those seeking a cheerful and gratitude-filled approach to Thanksgiving.


As Thanksgiving approaches, incorporating a devotional into your daily routine can enhance your spiritual journey and deepen your appreciation for the season of gratitude. Whether you prefer a structured 100-day exploration, historical insights from Billy Graham, or a creative coloring journal, there is a Thanksgiving devotional to suit every preference. Embrace the opportunity to cultivate gratitude, reflect on blessings, and draw closer to the divine with these carefully selected devotionals that are sure to enrich your Thanksgiving experience.

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