Discovering Spiritual Unity: The Best Daily Devotional for Family

by Hyacinth

In a world where distractions and busyness often dominate our lives, finding time for spiritual growth and unity within the family can be challenging. Yet, amidst the chaos of modern life, the practice of daily devotionals stands as a beacon of hope, offering families a consistent opportunity to connect with each other and with their faith. In this article, we explore the significance of daily devotionals for family life and highlight some of the best resources available to foster spiritual growth and unity within the household.

Why Daily Devotionals Matter for Families

Daily devotionals serve as a cornerstone for spiritual growth and connection within the family unit. By setting aside dedicated time each day for prayer, reflection, and study, families can cultivate a sense of shared purpose and deepen their understanding of their faith. Here are several reasons why daily devotionals are essential for families:

1. Fostering Spiritual Growth: Daily devotionals provide families with an opportunity to nurture their spiritual lives collectively. By engaging in prayer, scripture reading, and discussion together, family members can encourage one another in their faith journey and grow closer to God.

2. Building Stronger Relationships: Regularly gathering for devotionals strengthens the bonds between family members. Sharing insights, struggles, and prayers creates a space for vulnerability and support, fostering deeper connections within the family.

3. Cultivating Values and Virtues: Devotionals offer families a platform to explore and reinforce core values and virtues. Through studying scripture and discussing its application to daily life, families can instill principles of love, kindness, and integrity in their household.

4. Navigating Life’s Challenges: Life is filled with trials and tribulations, and having a solid foundation of faith can help families navigate these challenges with resilience and hope. Daily devotionals provide a source of strength and guidance, equipping families to face adversity together.

5. Setting a Positive Example: By prioritizing daily devotionals, parents model the importance of faith and spiritual discipline to their children. This example leaves a lasting impression and instills a lifelong commitment to seeking God in all aspects of life.

In essence, daily devotionals serve as a spiritual anchor for families, grounding them in their shared beliefs and values amidst the uncertainties of the world.

Choosing the Right Devotional for Your Family

With countless devotionals available, selecting the right one for your family can feel overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a daily devotional:

1. Age Appropriateness: Consider the ages and developmental stages of your family members. Look for devotionals that are engaging and accessible to everyone, from young children to teens to adults.

2. Theological Perspective: Ensure that the devotional aligns with your family’s theological beliefs and denomination. Whether you prefer a devotional rooted in a specific tradition or one with a broader ecumenical approach, choose a resource that resonates with your family’s faith.

3. Format and Structure: Devotionals come in various formats, including books, apps, and online platforms. Decide whether you prefer a printed book to read together or a digital resource for convenience and accessibility. Additionally, consider the length and structure of the devotional—some families may prefer shorter daily readings, while others may appreciate more in-depth studies.

4. Interactive Features: Look for devotionals that incorporate interactive elements such as discussion questions, reflection prompts, or activities. These features encourage active engagement and facilitate meaningful conversations within the family.

5. Authorship and Reputation: Research the author or contributors of the devotional and their credentials within the Christian community. Additionally, read reviews and testimonials from other families to gauge the devotional’s effectiveness and impact.

Top Picks for Daily Devotionals for Families

Here are some of the best daily devotionals for families, each offering unique insights and approaches to spiritual growth and unity:

“The One Year Book of Devotions for Kids” by Tyndale Kids:

This devotional is specifically designed for children ages 6-10 and offers daily readings that are short, engaging, and easy to understand. Each reading includes a scripture passage, a relatable story or anecdote, and a practical application for children to apply to their lives. With vibrant illustrations and interactive elements, this devotional captures the attention of young readers while nurturing their faith journey.

“Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God” by Marty Machowski:

Ideal for families with children of varying ages, “Long Story Short” takes families through the entire Bible in a year with short, engaging readings. Each devotion includes a passage from scripture, a brief commentary, discussion questions, and a prayer. The devotional’s format is flexible, allowing families to adapt it to their schedule and preferences while providing rich opportunities for spiritual growth and discussion.

“Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids” by Sarah Young:

Adapted from the bestselling devotional for adults, “Jesus Calling for Kids” offers children daily readings that are written in the voice of Jesus and personalized for them. Each devotion is accompanied by scripture and encourages children to listen for God’s voice and trust in His love and guidance. With its comforting and uplifting messages, this devotional helps children develop a deeper relationship with God and a greater sense of peace and security.

“Family Devotions for Advent and Lent” by Vicki Howie:

For families seeking to observe the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent together, this devotional provides daily readings and activities to deepen their spiritual journey. With its focus on preparing hearts and minds for the coming of Christ, “Family Devotions for Advent and Lent” offers a meaningful and enriching experience for families as they anticipate and celebrate the birth and resurrection of Jesus.

“The Family Worship Book: A Resource Book for Family Devotions” by Terry L. Johnson:

This comprehensive resource equips families to establish a regular practice of family worship in their homes. With practical guidance on structuring devotional times, selecting scripture readings, and leading prayers, “The Family Worship Book” empowers families to create meaningful and memorable experiences of worship together. Whether you’re new to family devotions or looking to deepen your existing practice, this book provides invaluable support and inspiration.


In a world that often pulls families in different directions, daily devotionals offer a vital opportunity for spiritual growth, unity, and connection. By prioritizing time for prayer, scripture reading, and discussion, families can cultivate a shared sense of purpose and deepen their relationship with God and with each other. Whether you choose a traditional printed devotional or embrace digital resources, the key is to find a format and style that resonates with your family’s needs and preferences. Ultimately, the best daily devotional for your family is one that draws you closer to God and strengthens your bonds as a family unit.


1. How to do daily devotions with family?

Daily devotions with family can be done by setting aside a specific time each day for prayer, scripture reading, and discussion. Choose a quiet and comfortable space where everyone can gather without distractions. Begin with a brief prayer, then read a passage from the Bible together. Encourage each family member to share their thoughts, reflections, and prayers. Conclude with a prayer of thanksgiving and commitment to applying what has been learned.

2. What is an example of a family devotion?

An example of a family devotion could be reading a passage from the Gospel of Matthew about Jesus’ teachings on love and kindness. After reading the passage, discuss how the family can show love and kindness to one another and to others in their community. Share personal experiences and challenges related to practicing these virtues, and offer prayers for guidance and strength. Conclude by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to grow together in faith and love.

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