10 Best Prayer Devotionals for 2024

by Hyacinth

As we embark on 2024, the importance of daily prayer and devotionals continues to grow in the lives of many individuals seeking spiritual growth and connection. Prayer devotionals are valuable tools that guide believers through their spiritual journeys, offering structured, contemplative, and enriching experiences. This article explores the ten best prayer devotionals for 2024, each designed to nurture and deepen your relationship with God.

1. Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young

Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” remains a beloved devotional that continues to resonate with millions of readers worldwide. This devotional offers daily reflections written as if Jesus himself is speaking directly to the reader. Each entry is filled with encouraging messages, comforting words, and biblical references that help individuals feel the presence of God in their daily lives.

Key Features:

  • Personal, intimate tone
  • Daily reflections that are easy to read and understand
  • Incorporates scripture to deepen the connection with God’s word

2. My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest” is a classic devotional that has stood the test of time. Known for its profound spiritual insights, this devotional challenges readers to live fully committed lives for God. Each entry is designed to provoke deep thought and spiritual reflection, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a more intense devotional experience.

Key Features:

  • Thought-provoking and challenging reflections
  • Focuses on complete dedication to God
  • Timeless wisdom applicable to modern life

3. New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional by Paul David Tripp

Paul David Tripp’s “New Morning Mercies” offers fresh and compelling insights into the gospel each day. This devotional emphasizes the grace and mercy of God, encouraging readers to start their day with a gospel-centered mindset. Tripp’s writing is both practical and inspiring, making it a great resource for daily spiritual nourishment.

Key Features:

  • Focus on God’s grace and mercy
  • Practical applications for daily life
  • Encouraging and uplifting messages

4. The Book of Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals by Shane Claiborne, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, and Enuma Okoro

“The Book of Common Prayer” by Claiborne, Wilson-Hartgrove, and Okoro is a modern take on the traditional Anglican prayer book. This devotional is structured around the liturgical calendar, providing prayers, readings, and reflections for each day. It’s an excellent resource for those looking to incorporate structured prayer and liturgy into their daily routines.

Key Features:

  • Liturgical structure based on the church calendar
  • Includes prayers, readings, and reflections
  • Emphasizes community and social justice

5. The One Year Praying through the Bible for Your Kids by Nancy Guthrie

Nancy Guthrie’s “The One Year Praying through the Bible for Your Kids” is a wonderful resource for parents who want to pray scripturally for their children. This devotional provides daily scripture readings and prayers specifically focused on the needs and growth of children. It’s an invaluable tool for parents seeking to instill faith and biblical values in their families.

Key Features:

  • Daily prayers and scripture readings focused on children
  • Encourages parents to pray scripturally
  • Helps instill faith and values in children

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6. Be Still and Know: 365 Days of Hope and Encouragement for Women by BroadStreet Publishing Group

“Be Still and Know” is a devotional designed specifically for women, offering daily doses of hope and encouragement. Each entry includes a scripture passage, a reflection, and a prayer, all tailored to the unique challenges and joys that women face. This devotional is perfect for women seeking to deepen their faith and find peace in their daily lives.

Key Features:

  • Daily reflections, scriptures, and prayers
  • Tailored to the experiences of women
  • Offers hope and encouragement

7. Draw the Circle: The 40-Day Prayer Challenge by Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson’s “Draw the Circle” is a 40-day devotional designed to challenge and inspire readers to engage in intentional and powerful prayer. Each day’s entry includes a scripture, a reflection, and a prayer challenge, encouraging readers to step out in faith and draw closer to God through prayer. This devotional is perfect for those looking to jumpstart their prayer life.

Key Features:

  • 40-day prayer challenge
  • Daily scripture, reflection, and prayer challenge
  • Encourages intentional and powerful prayer

8. Mornings with Jesus: Daily Encouragement for Your Soul

“Mornings with Jesus” offers daily reflections centered on the teachings and person of Jesus Christ. Each devotional entry includes a scripture passage, a thought-provoking reflection, and a prayer. This devotional is ideal for those seeking to start their day with a focus on Jesus and his teachings.

Key Features:

Daily reflections centered on Jesus

  • Christ
  • Scripture passages, reflections, and prayers
  • Encourages a Christ-centered start to the day

9. Every Moment Holy, Volume II: Death, Grief, and Hope by Douglas Kaine McKelvey

“Every Moment Holy, Volume II” by Douglas Kaine McKelvey addresses the difficult topics of death, grief, and hope. This devotional offers liturgies and prayers designed to help readers navigate the pain of loss and find hope in the midst of suffering. It’s a powerful resource for anyone dealing with grief or supporting others through it.

Key Features:

  • Focuses on death, grief, and hope
  • Offers liturgies and prayers for difficult times
  • Provides comfort and encouragement

10. Embraced: 100 Devotions to Know God Is Holding You Close by Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerKeurst’s “Embraced” is a beautiful devotional that offers 100 reflections designed to help readers feel God’s loving presence. Each entry includes a scripture passage, a reflection, and a prayer, all crafted to remind readers of God’s love and faithfulness. This devotional is perfect for those seeking reassurance and a closer connection with God.

Key Features:

  • 100 daily reflections, scriptures, and prayers
  • Focuses on God’s love and faithfulness
  • Provides reassurance and comfort


In 2024, these ten prayer devotionals offer a diverse range of spiritual insights and practices to enhance your daily prayer life. Whether you are seeking deep theological reflections, practical daily encouragement, or structured liturgies, there is a devotional on this list that can meet your needs. By incorporating these devotionals into your routine, you can deepen your relationship with God and find spiritual nourishment throughout the year.

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