10 Best Men’s Devotional Apps

by Hyacinth

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to focus on spiritual growth can be challenging, especially for men balancing work, family, and other commitments. Thankfully, technology offers a variety of solutions to help integrate devotional practices into daily life. Whether you’re looking for Bible study, daily prayers, or meditative reflections, there’s an app tailored to meet your spiritual needs. Here, we explore the ten best men’s devotional apps that can support and enhance your faith journey.

1. YouVersion Bible App

A Comprehensive Tool for Bible Study and Daily Devotions

The YouVersion Bible App is one of the most popular and comprehensive Bible apps available today. It offers a plethora of resources, including various Bible translations, audio Bibles, and reading plans tailored for men.

Key Features:

Diverse Bible Translations: Over 2,000 Bible versions in more than 1,300 languages.

Reading Plans and Devotionals: Hundreds of reading plans designed to help men navigate life’s challenges through a biblical lens.

Community Interaction: The app allows users to connect with friends, share insights, and follow each other’s progress.


  • Extensive content library.
  • Offline access to Bible versions and reading plans.
  • Regular updates and new features.


  • Some features require an internet connection.
  • The plethora of options can be overwhelming for new users.

YouVersion is ideal for men who want a comprehensive tool to facilitate daily devotions, Bible study, and community engagement.

2. Bible Gateway

Deepen Your Understanding with Extensive Study Tools

Bible Gateway is another excellent resource for those seeking to deepen their understanding of the Bible. This app offers a wide range of translations, audio Bibles, and study tools, making it a valuable resource for men’s devotional practices.

Key Features:

Bible Translations: Access to over 200 Bible versions in multiple languages.

Audio Bibles: Listen to the Bible while commuting or during workouts.

Study Resources: Commentaries, dictionaries, and Bible reference works.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Extensive study resources and tools.
  • Daily Bible reading plans and devotionals.


  • Ads in the free version.
  • Requires internet for some features.

Bible Gateway is perfect for men who want to delve deeper into their Bible studies with comprehensive tools and resources.

3. Man Up God’s Way

Focused on Encouraging Men to Live Godly Lives

Man Up God’s Way is specifically designed to challenge men to step up in their spiritual walk. This app offers a variety of devotional content, challenges, and community features to encourage men to live out their faith boldly.

Key Features:

Daily Devotions: Short, impactful devotions designed to inspire and challenge.

Community Features: Connect with other men, share prayer requests, and support one another.

Spiritual Challenges: Regular challenges to encourage spiritual growth and accountability.


  • Targeted content specifically for men.
  • Active community support.
  • Regular updates and new challenges.


  • Limited to devotional and challenge content.
  • Requires internet for most features.

Man Up God’s Way is ideal for men looking for targeted devotional content and a supportive community to encourage their spiritual growth.

4. ESV Bible

A Highly Respected Translation with Extensive Study Resources

The English Standard Version (ESV) Bible app offers a trusted translation along with a host of study tools and devotional content. It’s a valuable resource for men seeking a reliable Bible app with robust features.

Key Features:

Trusted Translation: The ESV is known for its accuracy and readability.

Study Tools: Access to commentaries, maps, and cross-references.

Devotional Content: Daily devotionals and reading plans.


  • High-quality translation.
  • Extensive study tools.
  • Offline access to downloaded content.


  • Limited to the ESV translation.
  • Some features require a subscription.

The ESV Bible app is perfect for men who prefer the ESV translation and want a reliable app with extensive study tools and devotional content.

5. First 15

Start Your Day with 15 Minutes of Devotion

First 15 is designed to help you start your day with 15 minutes of meaningful devotion. This app provides daily scripture readings, reflections, and prayers to help men center their day on God.

Key Features:

Daily Devotionals: Scripture readings, reflections, and prayers for each day.

Audio Devotionals: Listen to devotionals on the go.

Simple and Engaging: Easy-to-use interface with engaging content.


  • Perfect for starting the day with a spiritual focus.
  • High-quality content.
  • Available in text and audio formats.


  • Limited to daily devotionals.
  • Requires internet for some features.

First 15 is ideal for men looking to establish a consistent morning devotional routine with high-quality content.

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6. Daily Bible Devotion

Quick and Easy Daily Devotions for Busy Men

Daily Bible Devotion offers quick, easy-to-read daily devotionals designed to fit into a busy schedule. This app provides concise, impactful devotions to help men stay connected to their faith throughout the day.

Key Features:

Daily Devotionals: Short, impactful devotions delivered daily.

Scripture Readings: Daily Bible verses to accompany the devotionals.

User-Friendly: Simple, intuitive interface.


  • Perfect for busy schedules.
  • Concise and impactful content.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


  • Limited to short devotionals.
  • Ads in the free version.

Daily Bible Devotion is perfect for men who need quick, impactful devotional content to fit into their busy lives.

7. Every Man Ministries

Empowering Men to Live with Purpose and Integrity

Every Man Ministries, founded by Kenny Luck, aims to empower men to live with purpose and integrity. The app offers a variety of resources, including daily devotionals, video content, and Bible studies tailored for men.

Key Features:

Daily Devotionals: Engaging devotionals designed for men.

Video Content: Inspirational videos and teachings.

Bible Studies: In-depth studies to deepen your understanding of the Bible.


  • Targeted content for men.
  • High-quality video and written resources.
  • Engaging and inspirational.


  • Some content requires a subscription.
  • Requires internet for most features.

Every Man Ministries is ideal for men looking for inspirational content and resources to support their spiritual growth and integrity.

8. iDisciple

A Personalized Spiritual Growth Experience

iDisciple offers a personalized approach to spiritual growth with a wide range of devotional content, music, and sermons. This app allows men to customize their devotional experience to suit their individual needs.

Key Features:

Personalized Content: Customizable to your spiritual interests and needs.

Diverse Resources: Access to devotionals, sermons, music, and more.

Community Features: Connect with others and share content.


  • Highly customizable.
  • Wide range of resources.
  • Community and sharing features.


  • Requires a subscription for full access.
  • Some content requires internet access.

iDisciple is perfect for men who want a personalized and diverse devotional experience tailored to their specific spiritual needs.

9. Ransomed Heart

Discover the Heart of God with John Eldredge’s Teachings

Ransomed Heart, founded by John Eldredge, offers devotional content designed to help men discover the heart of God. The app includes daily devotionals, podcasts, and teachings focused on living a life of freedom and purpose.

Key Features:

Daily Devotionals: Inspiring devotionals based on Eldredge’s teachings.

Podcasts: Engaging and thought-provoking podcasts.

Teaching Series: In-depth teachings on various spiritual topics.


  • High-quality content based on John Eldredge’s teachings.
  • Variety of resources, including text and audio.
  • Inspiring and motivational.


  • Limited to Ransomed Heart’s content.
  • Requires internet for most features.

Ransomed Heart is ideal for men who resonate with John Eldredge’s teachings and want to deepen their understanding of God’s heart.

10. Our Daily Bread

Daily Devotionals to Inspire and Encourage

Our Daily Bread is a well-known and trusted devotional resource. The app provides daily devotionals, Bible readings, and reflections designed to inspire and encourage men in their spiritual journey.

Key Features:

Daily Devotionals: Thoughtful and encouraging devotionals.

Bible Readings: Scripture readings to accompany each devotional.

Reflections and Insights: Thought-provoking reflections on the daily readings.


  • Trusted and respected content.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Available in multiple languages.


  • Limited to daily devotionals and reflections.
  • Some features require internet access.

Our Daily Bread is perfect for men looking for trusted, high-quality devotional content to inspire and encourage their daily walk with God.


Incorporating devotional practices into your daily routine is essential for spiritual growth and maintaining a strong connection with God. These ten men’s devotional apps offer a variety of resources, from daily devotionals and Bible studies to community support and personalized content. Whether you have a few minutes each morning or want to delve deeper into your faith, there’s an app here to meet your needs. Embrace these tools to enrich your spiritual journey and grow in your relationship with God.

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