How to Do Couple Devotionals? Importance & Practical Tips

by Hyacinth

Couple devotionals, also known as couples’ Bible study or spiritual intimacy, are powerful tools for deepening the bond between partners through shared faith and reflection. These sessions offer couples a dedicated time to connect spiritually, discuss their beliefs, and grow together in their relationship. Whether you’re newlyweds seeking to establish a foundation of faith or longtime partners aiming to enrich your spiritual connection, establishing a regular practice of couple devotionals can be profoundly meaningful. This article explores the importance of couple devotionals and provides practical tips on how to incorporate them into your relationship.

Understanding the Importance of Couple Devotionals

Couple devotionals serve multiple purposes in a relationship:

Spiritual Connection: They provide a structured time for couples to engage in spiritual activities together, such as reading scriptures, praying, and discussing spiritual topics. This shared experience strengthens the spiritual bond between partners.

Communication: Devotionals encourage open communication about beliefs, values, and personal insights. They create a safe space for discussing faith-related matters, which can deepen emotional intimacy.

Relationship Growth: By prioritizing spiritual growth as a couple, partners can support each other’s personal development and strengthen their overall relationship. Devotionals foster mutual support and encouragement.

Conflict Resolution: Engaging in shared spiritual practices can help couples navigate conflicts by providing a foundation of shared values and principles to guide their discussions.

Getting Started with Couple Devotionals

Setting up and maintaining a practice of couple devotionals involves several key steps:

Establishing Commitment: Agree on the importance of couple devotionals and commit to making them a regular part of your routine. Discuss how often you’ll meet (daily, weekly, etc.) and the duration of each session.

Choosing Materials: Select resources that align with both partners’ spiritual beliefs and preferences. This could include a specific Bible study guide, devotional books, or online resources that provide structured content for your sessions.

Setting the Atmosphere: Create a conducive environment for your devotionals. Choose a quiet, comfortable space free from distractions where you can focus on each other and the spiritual content.

Scheduling Sessions: Determine a consistent time for your devotionals that fits into both of your schedules. Some couples prefer mornings to start their day with spiritual reflection, while others find evenings more suitable for winding down together.

Opening in Prayer: Begin each session with prayer, inviting God’s presence and guidance into your time together. This sets a reverent tone and invites spiritual connection from the outset.

Structuring Your Couple Devotionals

A structured approach can help keep your devotionals focused and meaningful:

Reading Scripture: Choose passages of scripture to read together. Alternate who reads aloud and take turns discussing what the passage means to each of you.

Reflecting and Sharing: Share personal insights or reflections prompted by the scripture reading. Discuss how the passage applies to your lives individually and as a couple.

Praying Together: Take turns leading prayer or pray together aloud. Pray for each other, your relationship, and any specific concerns or joys you wish to lift up in prayer.

Discussion Questions: Use discussion questions provided in your chosen materials or create your own to guide deeper conversation. Topics can include faith goals, challenges, gratitude, and ways to support each other spiritually.

Application and Action Steps: End each session by identifying practical ways to apply what you’ve discussed in your daily lives. This could involve committing to specific actions that support your spiritual growth and relationship.

Overcoming Challenges

While couple devotionals can be enriching, they may also present challenges:

Time Constraints: Finding time amidst busy schedules can be difficult. Prioritize your devotionals by treating them as essential appointments in your calendar.

Different Spiritual Backgrounds: If partners have different faith traditions or levels of spiritual maturity, approach discussions with openness and respect. Focus on shared values and principles.

Staying Consistent: Life events and distractions may disrupt your routine. Remain flexible and make adjustments as needed, but aim to return to your practice consistently.

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Growing Together Spiritually

The benefits of regular couple devotionals extend beyond spiritual growth:

Deeper Intimacy: Sharing spiritual experiences fosters emotional and relational intimacy. It builds trust and strengthens the emotional connection between partners.

Support and Encouragement: Couples can uplift each other spiritually, offering encouragement during challenges and celebrating spiritual milestones together.

Building a Foundation: Establishing a foundation of shared faith and values provides stability and guidance for navigating life’s complexities as a couple.


Couple devotionals offer a valuable opportunity for partners to grow spiritually and strengthen their relationship through shared faith experiences. By committing to regular sessions, choosing meaningful materials, and fostering open communication, couples can deepen their spiritual connection and support each other’s personal and relational growth. Incorporating these practices into your relationship can lead to greater intimacy, resilience, and mutual spiritual enrichment.

Incorporate these principles into your relationship to cultivate a deeper spiritual bond and enhance your journey together as a couple. Through consistent practice and mutual commitment, couple devotionals can become a cherished part of your shared life, enriching your relationship in profound ways.

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