10 Best Christian Marriage Devotionals for Strengthening Your Relationship

by Hyacinth

Marriage is a sacred union, deeply rooted in faith and love, where two individuals commit to journey through life together. However, sustaining a healthy and thriving marriage requires intentional effort, communication, and spiritual connection. Christian marriage devotionals serve as invaluable resources, offering couples the opportunity to deepen their bond, cultivate spiritual intimacy, and navigate the ups and downs of married life with grace and wisdom.

In this article, we’ll explore ten of the best Christian marriage devotionals available today, each uniquely designed to inspire couples to grow closer to each other and to God.

“The Love Dare” by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick

Synopsis: “The Love Dare” presents a 40-day journey of love and commitment, based on biblical principles and practical challenges. Each day, couples are encouraged to take specific actions that promote selflessness, kindness, and forgiveness, ultimately leading to a stronger and more fulfilling marriage.

“The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy Keller

Synopsis: Timothy Keller offers profound insights into the essence of marriage, emphasizing its spiritual significance and the role of sacrificial love. Drawing from Scripture and personal experiences, Keller provides couples with a deeper understanding of marriage as a reflection of God’s covenantal relationship with His people.

“Devotions for a Sacred Marriage” by Gary L. Thomas

Synopsis: “Devotions for a Sacred Marriage” invites couples to explore the spiritual aspects of marriage, viewing it as a sacred journey of growth and transformation. Through daily readings and reflections, Gary Thomas challenges couples to prioritize God’s presence in their relationship, fostering intimacy and authenticity.

“Night Light: A Devotional for Couples” by Dr. James Dobson and Shirley Dobson

Synopsis: Dr. James Dobson and Shirley Dobson offer couples a year-long devotional journey, covering topics such as communication, conflict resolution, and spiritual intimacy. “Night Light” provides practical guidance and biblical wisdom to strengthen marriages and deepen couples’ connection with each other and with God.

“Two as One: Connecting Daily with Christ and Your Spouse” by Ryan and Selena Frederick

Synopsis: “Two as One” encourages couples to prioritize their relationship with Christ as the foundation of their marriage. Ryan and Selena Frederick provide daily devotions that focus on spiritual growth, communication skills, and intimacy, equipping couples to build a Christ-centered marriage that endures.

“Couple’s Devotional Bible for Engaged and Newly Married Couples”

Synopsis: This unique devotional Bible is specifically designed for engaged and newly married couples, offering a comprehensive approach to spiritual growth and relationship-building. With daily readings, reflection questions, and insights from experienced Christian counselors, this devotional resource equips couples to navigate the joys and challenges of marriage.

“The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional” by Gary Chapman

Synopsis: Gary Chapman’s “Love Language Minute Devotional” offers couples practical guidance for understanding and expressing love in ways that resonate with their spouse’s unique love language. With daily readings and actionable insights, couples can deepen their emotional connection and cultivate intimacy in their marriage.

“52 Uncommon Dates: A Couple’s Adventure Guide for Praying, Playing, and Staying Together” by Randy Southern

Synopsis: “52 Uncommon Dates” provides couples with creative ideas for cultivating fun and meaningful experiences together. From adventurous outings to intimate conversations, Randy Southern offers couples a year’s worth of inspiration for strengthening their bond and nurturing their spiritual connection.

“Marriage Moments: Inspirational Messages to Keep You Connected” by Les and Leslie Parrott

Synopsis: Les and Leslie Parrott’s “Marriage Moments” offers couples short yet powerful messages designed to encourage, inspire, and uplift. With daily readings focused on communication, forgiveness, and love, couples can invest just a few minutes each day in nurturing their relationship and deepening their spiritual connection.

“The Couple’s Devotional Bible”

Synopsis: The Couple’s Devotional Bible provides couples with a comprehensive resource for growing together spiritually. Featuring daily readings, reflection questions, and insights from prominent Christian leaders, this devotional Bible empowers couples to strengthen their marriage and enrich their faith journey together.


In conclusion, Christian marriage devotionals offer couples invaluable tools for strengthening their relationship, deepening their spiritual connection, and navigating the complexities of married life with grace and wisdom. Whether newlyweds or seasoned spouses, investing time in these devotional resources can enrich marriages and foster a deeper understanding of God’s design for love and partnership. By prioritizing spiritual growth and intentional connection, couples can build a marriage that honors God and withstands the tests of time.

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