Top 10 Bible Devotionals for Couples in 2024

by Hyacinth

In a world where distractions abound and life moves at a frenetic pace, nurturing a strong and healthy relationship with your significant other requires intentional effort and investment. For many couples, integrating faith into their daily lives serves as a cornerstone for building a lasting bond. Bible devotionals offer a valuable resource for couples seeking to deepen their spiritual connection while strengthening their relationship. With countless options available, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 Bible devotionals specifically tailored for couples.

1. “The Love Dare” by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick

Originating from the popular film “Fireproof,” “The Love Dare” challenges couples to love unconditionally through a 40-day journey of devotionals and dares. Rooted in biblical principles, each day’s reflection focuses on a different aspect of love, encouraging couples to cultivate patience, kindness, and forgiveness in their relationship.

2. “Couple’s Devotional Bible”

Ideal for couples looking to study God’s Word together, the Couple’s Devotional Bible offers daily readings, insightful commentary, and discussion questions designed to deepen spiritual intimacy. With devotionals tailored to address various aspects of relationships, this Bible provides a comprehensive resource for couples seeking to grow closer to each other and to God.

3. “Night Light: A Devotional for Couples” by Dr. James Dobson and Shirley Dobson

Dr. James Dobson, renowned psychologist, and his wife Shirley Dobson offer couples a nightly devotional designed to strengthen marriages and encourage spiritual growth. With over 200 readings, “Night Light” addresses common challenges faced by couples, providing practical wisdom and biblical guidance for navigating life together.

4. “Devotions for a Sacred Marriage” by Gary L. Thomas

In “Devotions for a Sacred Marriage,” Gary L. Thomas explores the spiritual significance of marriage, challenging couples to view their relationship through a lens of divine purpose. Through thought-provoking reflections and scripture-based insights, Thomas invites couples to embrace the transformative power of marriage as a means of drawing closer to God.

5. “Two as One: Connecting Daily with Christ and Your Spouse” by Ryan and Selena Frederick

Ryan and Selena Frederick, founders of Fierce Marriage, offer couples a practical guide to strengthening their relationship through daily devotionals and intentional connection. “Two as One” equips couples with tools for prioritizing both their individual relationship with Christ and their partnership in marriage, fostering spiritual unity and emotional intimacy.

6. “Moments Together for Couples” by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Dennis and Barbara Rainey, founders of FamilyLife, provide couples with a year’s worth of devotional readings aimed at deepening their bond and enriching their spiritual lives. With topics ranging from communication and conflict resolution to intimacy and prayer, “Moments Together for Couples” offers couples a roadmap for building a Christ-centered marriage.

7. “Devotions for Couples: Man in the Mirror Edition” by Patrick Morley

“Devotions for Couples: Man in the Mirror Edition” offers couples a unique perspective on spiritual growth within the context of marriage. Drawing from the insights of bestselling author Patrick Morley, this devotional explores the intersection of faith and relationships, challenging couples to pursue authenticity, humility, and grace in their journey together.

8. “The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional” by Gary Chapman

Renowned relationship expert Gary Chapman offers couples a daily dose of wisdom and practical advice in “The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional.” Based on his bestselling book, “The 5 Love Languages,” this devotional helps couples understand and apply the principles of love languages to enhance communication, foster intimacy, and strengthen their bond.

9. “Devotions for a Deeper Life: A Daily Devotional” by Oswald Chambers

Oswald Chambers’ timeless classic, “Devotions for a Deeper Life,” provides couples with daily inspiration and spiritual nourishment. With profound insights into the Christian walk, Chambers challenges couples to pursue a deeper relationship with God and each other, cultivating a love that reflects the sacrificial nature of Christ’s love for the church.

10. “The Power of a Praying Wife” by Stormie Omartian

Stormie Omartian’s bestselling book, “The Power of a Praying Wife,” has inspired countless women to intercede for their husbands with power and purpose. This accompanying devotional offers daily prayers and reflections tailored specifically for wives, guiding them in lifting up their husbands, their marriages, and their own spiritual growth before the Lord.


In conclusion, incorporating Bible devotionals into your daily routine can be a transformative practice for couples seeking to deepen their spiritual connection and strengthen their relationship. Whether you’re newlyweds or seasoned partners, these top 10 Bible devotionals offer valuable insights, practical guidance, and biblical wisdom to enrich your journey together. By prioritizing faith and intentional investment in your relationship, you can cultivate a marriage rooted in love, grace, and the unshakable foundation of God’s Word.

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