10 Best Daily Devotionals Online for 2024

by Hyacinth

In the fast-paced world of today, many people seek spiritual guidance and inspiration to start their days with a positive mindset. Daily devotionals provide an excellent way to connect with one’s faith, find solace, and gain perspective. With the advent of technology, accessing these devotionals has become easier than ever. Here are the ten best daily devotionals available online for 2024 that cater to various spiritual needs and preferences.

1. YouVersion Bible App


YouVersion, one of the most popular Bible apps, offers a plethora of daily devotionals suitable for all age groups and denominational preferences. With over 400 million downloads, it stands as a testament to its reliability and reach.


  • Multiple versions of the Bible in various languages.
  • Daily reading plans ranging from a few days to a year.
  • Community feature for sharing insights and discussions.
  • Audio Bible options for on-the-go listening.
  • Personalization features such as bookmarks, highlights, and notes.

Why Choose YouVersion:

YouVersion’s extensive library of devotionals and its user-friendly interface make it a go-to choice for anyone seeking daily spiritual nourishment. Its social features also help create a sense of community and shared faith experience.

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2. Our Daily Bread


Our Daily Bread is a long-standing devotional that has transitioned seamlessly into the digital age. Published by Our Daily Bread Ministries, it offers rich, thoughtful, and inspiring reflections.


  • Daily devotionals that include a scripture passage, a meditation, and a prayer.
  • Available in multiple languages and formats (text, audio, and video).
  • Easy access via their website and mobile app.
  • Seasonal devotionals and special series focusing on particular themes or books of the Bible.

Why Choose Our Daily Bread:

For those looking for a consistent, deep, and reflective devotional, Our Daily Bread provides timeless wisdom and biblical insights that have stood the test of time.

3. She Reads Truth


She Reads Truth is tailored specifically for women seeking a structured and engaging way to dive into the Scriptures. Its counterpart, He Reads Truth, serves a similar purpose for men.


  • Daily readings with accompanying devotions and discussion questions.
  • Beautiful, thematic Bible reading plans.
  • Community features that allow users to connect and share their journeys.
  • High-quality design and user experience on both the website and mobile app.

Why Choose She Reads Truth:

She Reads Truth offers a supportive community and aesthetically pleasing content that enhances the daily devotional experience. It’s perfect for women looking to connect deeper with the Word and with each other.

4. First15


First15 aims to help believers spend the first 15 minutes of their day in prayer, worship, and reflection. It is designed to cultivate a daily habit of seeking God first.


  • A structured format including a devotional, scripture reading, prayer, and worship song.
  • Available via their website, mobile app, and email subscriptions.
  • Special series and thematic devotionals for deeper exploration.
  • Podcast and audio devotionals for convenient access.

Why Choose First15:

First15’s concise and focused approach makes it ideal for those looking to start their day with a meaningful and manageable devotional routine.

5. Crosswalk.com Devotionals


Crosswalk.com offers a wide range of daily devotionals catering to various demographics and spiritual needs. Their devotionals are well-curated and aim to provide practical and relatable insights.


  • Multiple daily devotionals targeting different audiences (men, women, couples, etc.).
  • Short, impactful readings that fit easily into a busy schedule.
  • Available via website and email subscription.
  • Content from well-respected Christian authors and pastors.

Why Choose Crosswalk.com Devotionals:

With its diverse range of devotionals, Crosswalk.com ensures there’s something for everyone. Its practical approach helps readers apply biblical truths to everyday life.

6. The Upper Room


The Upper Room is an interdenominational devotional that has been encouraging believers for over 80 years. Its global perspective and community contributions make it unique.


  • Daily devotionals written by Christians around the world.
  • Reflective questions and prayers accompanying each reading.
  • Available in multiple languages and formats (text, audio, and video).
  • Special issues focusing on specific themes or events in the Christian calendar.

Why Choose The Upper Room:

The Upper Room offers a diverse and inclusive devotional experience, drawing from the global body of Christ to provide fresh and varied perspectives.

7. D365


D365 is a daily devotional experience designed for youth and young adults, although its reflective and modern approach appeals to a broader audience as well.


  • A structured format with Pause, Listen,
  • Think, Pray, and Go sections.
  • Engaging, multimedia content that includes music, scriptures, and reflections.
  • Available via their website and mobile app.
  • Special devotionals for significant seasons like Advent and Lent.

Why Choose D365:

D365’s interactive and multimedia approach makes it particularly appealing for younger audiences looking for a modern and engaging way to connect with their faith.

8. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young


Based on the bestselling book by Sarah Young, Jesus Calling offers daily devotionals that present scripture as if Jesus is speaking directly to the reader.


  • Daily readings that combine personal reflections and biblical passages.
  • Available in book format, as a mobile app, and via email subscriptions.
  • Specialized versions for different audiences, including children and teens.
  • Reflective and intimate style that encourages deep personal connection.

Why Choose Jesus Calling:

For those seeking a deeply personal and introspective devotional experience, Jesus Calling offers comforting and intimate messages that feel directly relevant to daily life.

9. Bible Gateway Devotionals


Bible Gateway, a widely used online Bible study tool, offers a variety of daily devotionals catering to different interests and spiritual needs.


  • Multiple devotional plans ranging from thematic studies to classic devotional literature.
  • Integration with Bible Gateway’s extensive Bible study resources.
  • Available via website and email subscriptions.
  • Options for different durations, from short-term to year-long plans.

Why Choose Bible Gateway Devotionals:

Bible Gateway’s extensive resources and diverse devotional options make it a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to deepen their biblical understanding and spiritual practice.

10. Daily Hope with Rick Warren


Daily Hope, led by Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, offers daily devotionals aimed at providing encouragement and practical insights for living a faith-filled life.


  • Devotionals that include scripture, reflection, and practical application.
  • Available via website, email, and mobile app.
  • Special series and seasonal devotionals.
  • Audio devotionals for easy listening.

Why Choose Daily Hope:

Rick Warren’s approachable style and practical wisdom make Daily Hope an excellent resource for those looking to apply biblical principles to their everyday lives.


Daily devotionals provide a valuable resource for spiritual growth and daily inspiration. The ten devotionals listed above offer a variety of styles, formats, and content to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you are looking for a brief morning reflection, a deep dive into scripture, or a community-oriented devotional experience, these options ensure that you can find the right fit for your daily spiritual journey in 2024.

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