The 10 Best Women’s Devotionals for 2024

by Hyacinth

In a world where distractions abound and the demands on women are ever-increasing, finding a moment of peace and reflection is essential. Devotionals serve as a valuable tool for spiritual growth, offering daily doses of inspiration, encouragement, and connection with God. As we step into 2024, we’ve curated a list of the ten best women’s devotionals to help you deepen your faith and navigate life’s challenges with grace and wisdom. Each of these devotionals has been selected for its unique ability to resonate with women, providing spiritual nourishment tailored to the diverse experiences and needs of women today.

1. “She Reads Truth: Devotional Bible” by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams

She Reads Truth: Devotional Bible” is more than just a daily devotional; it’s a comprehensive Bible designed to enhance your study and understanding of Scripture. Created by the founders of the She Reads Truth community, this devotional Bible combines rich biblical texts with thought-provoking reflections and beautiful, full-color illustrations. Each book of the Bible is prefaced with insightful introductions and key themes, helping readers grasp the historical and theological context.

The devotionals are crafted to be both intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting, with daily readings that connect personal stories with Scripture. This approach makes it easier for women to relate biblical truths to their own lives. Additionally, the She Reads Truth app complements the devotional, offering a community aspect where readers can share their reflections and prayers.

2. “100 Days to Brave: Devotions for Unlocking Your Most Courageous Self” by Annie F. Downs

Annie F. Downs’ “100 Days to Brave” is a motivational devotional designed to empower women to step into their God-given courage. Through a series of daily reflections, Downs shares her personal experiences and insights, encouraging readers to embrace bravery in their everyday lives. Each devotion includes a scripture reference, a brief story or anecdote, and a call to action, making it practical and easy to apply.

What sets this devotional apart is its emphasis on personal growth and self-discovery. Downs’ relatable writing style and honest vulnerability make it a comforting companion for women navigating life’s uncertainties. “100 Days to Brave” is perfect for those seeking to build confidence and trust in God’s plan for their lives.

3. “Embraced: 100 Devotions to Know God Is Holding You Close” by Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerKeurst, a renowned speaker and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, brings her deep spiritual insights and comforting words in “Embraced.” This devotional offers 100 readings that explore themes of God’s love, grace, and presence in our lives. TerKeurst’s reflections are grounded in Scripture and accompanied by personal stories that illustrate God’s faithfulness.

“Embraced” is designed to help women feel God’s embrace in their daily lives, especially during times of trial and uncertainty. TerKeurst’s authentic and relatable voice makes this devotional a source of encouragement and strength. The beautiful hardcover edition, with its ribbon marker and soothing color palette, also makes it a lovely gift for friends and family.

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4. “New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional” by Paul David Tripp

Paul David Tripp’s “New Morning Mercies” has become a staple for many women seeking to deepen their faith. This devotional offers a gospel-centered perspective on daily life, reminding readers of God’s grace and mercy anew each morning. Each day’s reading includes a short devotional thought followed by a related scripture passage, making it both inspiring and grounding.

Tripp’s writing is both profound and accessible, addressing the realities of life with theological depth and practical wisdom. “New Morning Mercies” encourages readers to start their day with a focus on the gospel, providing a strong foundation for navigating the challenges and joys of life.

5. “Jesus Always: Embracing Joy in His Presence” by Sarah Young

From the author of the bestselling “Jesus Calling,” Sarah Young’s “Jesus Always” focuses on finding joy in God’s presence. Written as if Jesus Himself is speaking to the reader, each devotional entry offers words of comfort, hope, and encouragement. The devotions are rooted in Scripture and accompanied by Bible verses that reinforce the day’s message.

“Jesus Always” is particularly uplifting for women who may be struggling with difficult circumstances or seeking a deeper sense of peace and joy. Young’s unique writing style, which combines personal reflection with divine messages, creates a deeply intimate reading experience that draws readers closer to God’s heart.

6. “The Confident Woman Devotional: 365 Daily Inspirations” by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer, a beloved Christian author and speaker, brings her practical wisdom and encouragement in “The Confident Woman Devotional.” This year-long devotional provides daily inspirations aimed at helping women develop a sense of confidence and self-worth rooted in their identity in Christ. Each day’s entry includes a Bible verse, a short devotional thought, and a prayer or action step.

Meyer’s straightforward and empowering writing style makes this devotional particularly appealing to women looking to overcome self-doubt and live boldly. “The Confident Woman Devotional” addresses common struggles such as fear, insecurity, and negative thinking, offering biblical solutions and encouragement to live victoriously.

7. “Whispers of Hope: 10 Weeks of Devotional Prayer” by Beth Moore

Beth Moore’s “Whispers of Hope” is a unique devotional that focuses on the power of prayer. Over ten weeks, Moore guides readers through daily devotional readings that include a scripture passage, a reflection, and a structured prayer guide. This devotional encourages women to develop a deeper, more consistent prayer life by providing practical tools and inspiration.

Moore’s passionate and relatable writing style, combined with her deep biblical knowledge, makes “Whispers of Hope” a transformative devotional. It is especially beneficial for those seeking to enhance their prayer life and experience the transformative power of consistent, heartfelt communication with God.

8. “Be Still and Know: 365 Daily Devotions” by BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC

“Be Still and Know” is a beautifully designed devotional that offers 365 days of inspiration and encouragement. Each day’s entry includes a Bible verse, a short devotional thought, and a prayer. The devotionals are concise yet impactful, making them perfect for busy women who want to start their day with a moment of reflection and connection with God.

The elegant design of the book, with its calming color palette and serene imagery, adds to the overall reading experience. “Be Still and Know” is a wonderful gift for any woman seeking to cultivate a sense of peace and stillness in her daily life.

9. “Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are” by Shauna Niequist

Shauna Niequist’s “Savor” combines daily devotions with delicious recipes, making it a unique and delightful devotional for women. Each day’s reading includes a scripture passage, a reflection, and a recipe that ties into the theme of the devotion. Niequist’s writing is warm, inviting, and full of personal anecdotes that resonate with readers.

“Savor” encourages women to embrace the present moment and find joy in everyday life. The inclusion of recipes adds a practical and creative element, making this devotional a perfect companion for women who love to cook and find nourishment for both body and soul.

10. “Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds” by Jen Wilkin

While not a traditional daily devotional, Jen Wilkin’s “Women of the Word” provides valuable tools and insights for women looking to deepen their Bible study practice. Wilkin emphasizes the importance of studying Scripture with both the heart and mind, offering a methodical approach to understanding God’s Word.

This book is ideal for women who want to go beyond surface-level reading and engage deeply with the Bible. Wilkin’s clear and practical guidance helps readers develop a more disciplined and insightful approach to their study, fostering a richer and more transformative experience with God’s Word.


As we embark on a new year, these ten devotionals offer women a variety of ways to connect with God, grow in their faith, and find encouragement for daily living. Whether you prefer a devotional that focuses on prayer, courage, joy, or deep Bible study, there is something on this list to suit every preference and need. Each of these devotionals provides a unique and valuable perspective, helping women to navigate the complexities of life with grace, wisdom, and unwavering faith.

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